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I came to design with a background in psychology and a history working as an educator and helping professional. These jobs were rewarding but did not fulfil my needs as an artist. I transitioned into the professional world of Graphic Design. I hold an MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts where I studied how Design can be a tool for social change. 

My personal work draws upon ideas of shared humanity. I believe that Designers and Artists are Purveyors of cultural change and that it is our responsibility to be benevolent in our communication. At its best visual work empathizes with its audience, brings people together and breaks down barriers. Creating benevolent work is necessary In our digital age as it serves to remind us of the inter-connectedness of all life.

Limitless Print and Design

I am the Creative Director at Limitless Print and Design. An in-house agency producing work for the tattoo and piercing industry, as well as Artists from diverse disciplines. At Limitless, we embrace individuality and provide endless possibilities for individuals and Brands to express themselves. Limitless offers Design and Print services. Limitless connects and enhances creative communities through the Milkcrate Creative Space.

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